About Us

The Saviour Academy originated from the idea of providing a world class global education system for all by providing learning modules including texts and videos covering many competitive exams including CBSE, UPSC, IELTS, GMAT, Interview Preparation and even Academic subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Psychology, History, Geography, Indian Polity etc. So If you really looking for quality material and want to save your time and money then we recommend you to watch our videos.

Inderpreet Singh— Founder & CEO.

Our Mission

The Saviour Academy is on a mission to promote and strengthen responsible leaders irrespective of their social origins and ethnicity.


Meet Our Lead Instructors

Experts in their sectors and achievers in their own might are out to teach niche skills on our platform.

Pulkit Aggarwal

Mr. Pulkit Aggarwal is one of the renowned faculty member at ‘The Saviour Academy’. A Ph.D. Scholar from Jamia Milia Islamia and from where he has also done his M.Phil, holds a B.A. History as well as M.A. History from Hindu College, University of Delhi. He is a well-known pioneer in the History Department. He has taught at Ashoka University and have been also associated with various e-learning modules over the past few years. He is a prominent IAS Educator and has mentored many successful IAS aspirants.

Dr.Krishnanand Jha

 Dr. Krishnanand Jha is a Geo Ecologist working on different Research projects. He has been associated with ‘The Saviour Academy’ for various research models in Physical Geography over the past few years under the government funded non-profit organizations.Dr.Jha holds a Masters as well as a Doctoral degree in Geography from Delhi School of Economics and is a well-known pioneer in the field of Geography.

What Our Students Have to Say

"Hello, I am Mehul Goel, a student of Business Management. The trust and the mutual expectations between students and the teachers are just some of the characteristics of the amazing relationship that I have formed at the Academy. The pattern of teaching, especially the class notes at the academy was one of the best. I humbly thank all the teachers and support staff of the academy. Thank you."
Mehul Goel
Kingston University, UK
"Hi friends! I am Saransh Juneja, a student of Business Management. The Saviour Academy has been a great place for me since I started e-learning on this platform in the first year of my college. The connections that I have made with the teachers are some that I believe that last me a lifetime. The Saviour Academy has prepared me for life ahead both academically as well as extracurricularly for believing that I could do amazing things in whatever area I choose to pursue, especially the test series were really good. Thank you Saviour Academy for it's constant support and encouragement!!"
Saransh Juneja
Lancaster University, UK
"Hi, I am Sahej and would like to thank the Saviour Academy for the assistance they have given regarding my academic journey. Indeed, it was a pleasure and would like to congratulate them for their efforts and motivation. Thank you."
Sahej Juneja
Niagara College, Canada
"Hi, I am Sheryll, a student of Hansraj College. I was inspired to pursue Economics as an undergraduate program. I was thrilled by the possibility of how media businesses do in its practical sense! At the Saviour Academy, there were several fantastic learning techniques which gave me an incredible support and encouragement. I have some vivid memories of learning upon courses like Introductory Microeconomics which helped me a lot for my revisions. Do Join!"
Hansraj College, New Delhi
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