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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are preparing for UPSC Entrance Examination? Under “World History in Modern Era” part, we would be covering the major topics which are very important from the examination perspective like the ‘Changes in The European Context’, ‘American Revolution’, ‘French Revolution’, ‘Europe Since Napolean’, ‘Revolution of 1830’s & 1940’s’, ‘World War First & Second’, ‘Russian Revolution’, ‘Inter-War Period’, Non-Alignment Movement & Cold War and finally moving towards the ‘Unification of Italy’ and ‘Unification of Germany’. This is majorly an excellent coursework for all UPSC Aspirants. The course appears with new videos and improvements to the explanation of answers as well as a number of new and engaging practice activities. Significantly, we have responded to requests from existing users to offer more comprehensive feedback on your writing using several new features. As the course is self-paced, you can complete all of the course units in sequence, or only select the areas you want to focus on to prepare for the UPSC Exams. In completing this course, you will feel fully prepared to complete the UPSC World History Section. Prepare for the UPSC Exams in this comprehensive, self-paced course covering all major parts of World History.

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