Physical Geography

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Duration 7h 8m


We all know the best way to learn a module on ‘Physical Geography’ is with the help of pictograms, physical maps and indeed with a lot of self-explanatory diagrams in a three-dimensional platform and then we say it had revolutionized the method of smart classes very well. At ‘The Saviour Academy’, we welcome you all to learn such a paradigm wherein we’ll be focusing upon the most important concepts from the examination perspective used under ‘Physical geography’ such as “Geomorphology” ,”Climatology”, “Oceanography”, “Biogeography” as well as the “Environment & Ecology”.

Begin with an intro to various Geomorphological concepts and its applications in a complete practical sense. Then work with the different techniques used by the geo-scientists to monitor and study the level of Earth’s Climate and its different energies. From there, dive into embedded solutions for a lot more questions. In a way, build your first knowledge bank upon the subject called ‘Physical Geography’.


How to implement different techniques and applications of “Geomorphology”?

How to understand the concept of “Climatology” and its Applications?

How to understand the concept of “Oceanography” and its Applications?

How to evaluate different techniques used in “Biogeography” along with its Application in ‘Physical Geography’?

What is “Environment and Ecology” in detail?

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