How can virtual classrooms along with mobile and video based learning help shape E-learning in India?

  • First of all, by showcasing the practicality and flexibility of E-learning. Since it is accessible anywhere and whenever one wants, convenience is what usually one wants at his/her disposal.
  • An umbrella platform for accessing multiple faculty members offering same study packages and information required as per the convenience of the students anywhere in different corners of the country.
  • Ease of understanding – It is always way too easier to comprehend a subject visually rather than reading and orally understanding what the teacher has to say.
  • Pool in global resources as well – Having an array of videos to choose from always gives students the comfort and more flexibility in case he/she is unable to understand from one medium.
  • Far reaching coverage – People living in remote areas of the country where building education infrastructure is not feasible can also have easy access to the tomes of knowledge through mobile phones digitally; the only thing required is access to Internet.
  • Access to Multiple Languages – Same content by one single faculty member can be offered in multiple languages. It’s easier to maintain all the logs, records and data online than on papers.

Inderpreet Singh

Founder & Director

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